Where are Deer Ticks Found?


Deer ticks have complex 2-year life cycles. They are most active from spring through fall and live in the shady, moist areas of your property. The highest tick concentrations will be found in leaf litter, stone walls, wooded areas, tall grassy areas, under shrubs, in ground covers, and in free-standing gardens.


The majority of ticks that are found in lawn areas are located within 9' of the woods line perimeter. We concentrate our efforts on the areas where ticks are likely to survive. It is not always necessary to treat wide open sunny lawn areas. However, we will assess your property and your needs individually to determine if all turf areas will be sprayed.








     Which Areas will be Treated?


1. All shrubs, ground covers, and plantings around house foundation.

2. All free-standing gardens and stone walls.

3. Base of trees and below canopies.

4. Up to 40 feet into entire woods line perimeter.

5. 10-15 feet out onto lawn along entire perimeter.

6. Remaining lawn areas if determined to be necessary.


      Treatment Schedule For Traditional Spray Program


1. Early Spring   2. Late Spring  3. Summer  4. Fall

      Treatment Schedule For Organic Spray Program


Organic Spray programs tend to require a bit more frequent spraying than our traditional spray program. Your property conditions, seasonal weather conditions, and pest pressure will determine the exact number of sprays needed.

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